Julie Bourne

content & communications

NOTE: I am not currently taking on new freelance projects (as of January 2022). Thanks for being here though! Feel free to stay a while and give me a follow on Twitter if you’d like (very) occasional updates.

new article: what does a content strategy project look like? https://hellomorningperson.com/how-i-do-content-strategy/

reading: Content Design by Sarah Richards / listening to: KAI

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I help

small business owners, independent consultants, writers, agency folks, and other content professionals

sort out prickly problems like
  • not enough content, too much content, disorganized content, outdated content, unclear content, non-optimized content
  • lack of meaningful information about desired audiences from habits and behaviors to opinions and values
  • slow internal processes around content and information distribution
  • marketing-related burnout, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and existential crises (we’ve all been there)
and unpack questions like
  • Am I focusing on the right problems?
  • What should I put on my website?
  • Should I start a blog? What about TikTok?
  • How do I find my audience? Why aren’t they doing what I want them to do?
  • How do I know what to prioritize next?
  • Strategy: vision setting, goal definition and alignment, editorial, SEO, social, desired outcome definition
  • Research: audits, gap analysis, competitive assessments, user & stakeholder interviews, job-to-be-done research, survey design
  • Planning: distribution, channels, tactics, outreach, community guidelines, communications
  • Implementation: taxonomies, messaging frameworks, UX copy, content writing, creative direction, community management/moderation, content curation, internal communications

some lovely brands I’ve worked with

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